2013-05-17 ~ Site changes are underway to the new name and eventually new domain. During all this anticipate lots of broken everything. Afterwards, Aggamare.com will be slowly but surely replacing all Maelstormm and Legacymaelstormm stuff. Looking back, I sorta regret using Maelstormm as my handle. Lots of confusion of Maelstrom and 2 M's at the end when referring to stuff. So it's a decade late, but at least the move to something shorter and more reasonable is finally happening.

2012-12-27 ~ Many things that are not directly hosted on this site are updated in the Forum long before here, such as YouTube videos.

2013-05-17 ~ As noted in the Forums these past few months, YouTube has the Leviathan & Rydia, Dragon, Proto Symphony, Bass, Wily Tank, and Wily Pod boss fights listed from MMNR. That leaves only 8 more boss fights to make for the final stages then I can start adding some polish onto the existing stuff and working on the file system.

2012-12-27 ~ For those who don't check the Forum for the non-site updates, the layouts of all 5 of the Wily and the 5 Final stages are done for MMNR now and viewable on my YouTube channel. Also RA:Legends 390 is up.

2012-05-26 ~ RA:Legends 389 is up.

2012-05-25 ~ RA:Legends 388 is up.

2012-05-23 ~ Previews of the first 2 Wily stages of MMNR are on YouTube. RA:Legends 387 is up, lots of new graphics need to be made ;_;

2012-04-09 ~ RA:Legends 386 is up. The drawn pictures from it were made into lil' wall papers that're up on the RA:Legends Pictures section. With that block of comics down, time to hammer out MMNR. Also got the new gimmick for MMNG, going for 3D as opposed to 2 Player (stupid keyboard buffer >.<).

2012-04-09 ~ After like an eternity, I got my Deviant Artpage up and running with like 120 some pictures uploaded from all sorts of random things. So now the Pictures menu over on the left there actually does something useful on the site <3

2012-04-01 ~ RA:Legends 385 is up.